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We are not fancy. If you expect your plates to be decorated by small dots of sauce, tiny leaves of some baby vegetables or some sort of edible flowers, just remind we are pretty old-school: we give flowers only when love is in the air or during a solemn procession. We like style but we are not stylish in the way we serve food. Don’t expect us to fill your glass of wine when you order a bottle. We like people who enjoy the freedom of pouring and drinking at their own pace more than people who like been served. We don’t strive for victory. We know who we are and we don’t need to be recognized as being the best at something by some external authority. Perfection is boring. We love small imperfections. Cooking is not a competition. Cooking (and eating) is sharing. If you compete you can’t share. We love sharing and don’t read Michelin guides.

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